At Rep Max Performance we offer coaching options based on the level of support and instruction you require. There is no one size fits all approach to coaching, so why should you settle with something you don't want or need?
Our group coaching model allows us to oversee many athletes simultaneously while still providing necessary individual attention. At Rep Max Performance you come when it is most convenient for you. A coach will always be present to assist you.
Our group classes are designed to not only give you a great workout, but to teach you how to move well, stay injury free, and have fun!
Personal training and individual nutrition coaching is also available.
Services offered by Rep Max Performance:
Remote Coaching | Group Classes | In-Gym Services


Remote Coaching

Starting at $100 per month
Programs designed to address your individual strengths and weaknesses
Focuses on fat loss, muscle gain, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, and other goals
Workout plans are customized to fit your schedule and training frequency 
Communication primarily through email and private Facebook Team Page
Workouts are delivered daily or weekly


Group Classes

Starting at $127.50 per month
Cross-training classes designed to build strength and burn fat
Classes offered Mon-Sat
Group class + Open gym packages available
Add on personal training at any time
We offer a 1 week FREE TRIAL year round! Learn more below

In-Gym Services

Starting at $72 per month
Unlimited access to all equipment
Unlimited coaching available from 6a-12p and 2p-9p weekdays and 8-2 Saturdays 
Individualized coaching available
Nutrition coaching available