1. Coaching

Hours: Monday - Friday 5am-9pm, Saturday 8am-2pm. The gym is open for training all day. A coach will be on the floor 5am-11am, and 5pm-9pm. During these hours 1-2 coaches will be there to assist athletes in their workouts. Coaches will work on technique, make daily modifications to programs, answer questions about training/programming. We always suggest training during coaching hours because there will be more feedback from the coach, and there will be more athletes there to train with. 


2. Programming

Our programs our built to align with a predetermined competition schedule. As a team we train through the same phases of training, (maybe label the types of blocks of training). Each athlete's program will have a similar flow but with different variations of exercises specific to what each athlete needs. We use a software called TrueCoach to deliver and make updates to programs. Athletes are encouraged to fill out the weights they use and to take notes on how the workouts go. 

3. Competitions

Competing is suggested but not required to be on the team. We believe it's a great experience to get out of your comfort zone and 

4.Support the Team