Youth Weightlifting Camps

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:15-8:30pm

8 Weeks 

Bronze Package $199
Silver Package
$299 ($500)
Gold Package    $499 ($780)
Weightlifting class 2x per week
10% off memberships
10% off drop-ins
Unlimited gym access

Individualized weekly program

(4) 1-on-1 sessions with coach


Here is a breakdown of the 8 Weeks:

  • First 2 weeks will be movement prep, including overhead squat, deadlift, front squat, and other injury prevention exercises. 
  • During the first 2 weeks, we will schedule a free movement screen with one of our 2 athletic trainers, Erica and Damian. 
  • The other 6 weeks will primarily be based on teaching technique in Olympic Weightlifting movements, Snatch, and Clean and Jerk. 
  • We encourage everyone to do at least the Silver package so that you can work on movement imbalances and technique during 2 additional training days.


This class will cover everything from learning the snatch, clean, and jerk, including their progressing and variations, to improving strength in movements like the squat, deadlift and overhead press.

Each class will include:

  • A warm up focused on increasing mobility and stability required for Weightlifting
  • Planned progressions for learning each lift
  • Explanations of common technical mistakes 
  • Weightlifting accessory movements and strength training
  • Basics of program design 

We recommend this class if you're looking to learn the basics or fine-tune your technique. All experience levels are welcomed, even if you've been Weightlifting for years. 

This class can be a great addition to any program you're currently on and can work out any kinks you might currently have with your technique. To get the most out of this class, we highly recommend our Silver and Gold packages; working with a coach 1-on-1 and having a program for your off days can help cover everything you need to be successful in Weightlifting. 


Weightlifting Fundamentals starts every 8 weeks. Here are the dates for 2019 classes:

3/19/19 - 4/26/19

4/30/19 - 6/20/19

6/25/19 - 8/15/19

8/20/19 - 10/10/19

10/15/19 - 12/5/19