Weightlifting Fundamentals

Weightlifting Fundamentals

This class will cover everything from learning the snatch, clean, and jerk movements, to improving strength in the squat, deadlift, overhead pressing, and other strength lifts. There will be explanations of how to avoid the most common technical errors in the sport, and the basics of how to follow a Weightlifting program.

  • Learn the snatch, clean and jerk, the progressions and variations in this 8 week intro to Weightlifting!
  • Great for beginners and intermediates learning for the first time or brushing up on technique
  • Starting at just $199 for 8 weeks (just $12 per coaching session!)


Class Schedule:

We are currently on hold before beginning new classes due to COVID-19 government regulated restrictions




Weightlifting class 2x per week
15% off services
10% off drop-ins
Unlimited gym access
Individualized weekly program
Four 1-on-1 coaching sessions


$299 $495

$499 $835